Lionel Ohayon

Fondatore e CEO
ICRAVE Innovation design studio, New York


Lionel Ohayon is one of the most renowned names in hospitality design. Over the last eight years, Lionel has grown ICRAVE from a two-person operation into a 35-employee, multi-million dollar business. A Canadian-born designer, Lionel graduated from the University of Waterloo School of Architecture in 1994. His thesis project was titled ‘Where we Work, Where we Live, Where we Play’ and focused on the impact of virtual space on real space. This investigation continues in the studio where Lionel maintains the thesis by creating environments that are both meaningful and born from imagination.
The name ICRAVE reiterates the desire to create something impactful; the use of the copyright symbol shows that the idea being designed is protected. Lionel approaches design from a sociological standpoint, always thinking in terms of city planning and people’s interactions with each other. This philosophy has stayed with him throughout his career and across different disciplines. ICRAVE is Lionel’s outlet to produce unique spaces and experiences, actively engaging visitors in their environment.
Lionel is intimately involved in all studio projects – he sparks the creative vision and works with the individual project teams as an editor to ensure the design strategy is always succinctly communicated.

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