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Paolo Tranquillini

Head of Consulting, Starpool

Paolo Tranquillini

Head of Consulting, Starpool


Since 2007 he has been Head of Consulting at Starpool, a company that designs and builds wellness centres and spas for homes, hotels and the spa sector, coordinating the office for all spa projects. She is in charge of sales management for the Italian market, and personally oversees special projects, management clients, training events in the company and at congresses and trade fairs in the sector, professional schools and university masters courses.
It handles relations with ship owners and shipyards for large ships, dealing with both the design of spa areas and the marketing of Starpool products.
In cooperation with a network of companies and professionals, it provides consultancy, from the sustainability assessment of the realisation of a new spa to the related concept and business model, to the engineering of the Wet Area.

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The spa is longevity

10 Oct 2023
16:00 - 16:30
Navy Hall
Free ticket