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Questions & answers

Here you will find the questions (and the related answers) most frequently asked by the participants during the previous editions. If you didn't find the answer you were looking for, contact us and we will reply as soon as possible.

How do I choose which intervention to follow and which topics to investigate?

Hospitality Day provides free admission that allows you to participate freely a tutti i seminari in programma, fino a esaurimento dei posti a sedere in sala. Consulta online il program and speakers and crea il percorso formativo more suitable for you.

How can I make an appointment with companies?

Click on the logo of the partner you are interested in: you will be directed to the partner company website where you will find all the contacts.

Some speakers speak in English. Will there be simultaneous translation?

Sure! Every year we take to the Hospitality Day stage italian and international speakers. Each participant can request a headset for simultaneous translation and will be able to use the same for questions to the speakers.

Cosa mi porto a casa dall’Hospitality Day 2021?

Thanks to Hospitality Day you pack your bags with news and advances from experts on tomorrow's trends and best strategies to innovate your business and increase your turnover. You will return to the hotel more productive, focused and motivated.

Why is participating in Hospitality Day important for my business?

Oltre 3.800 professionisti come te hanno partecipato a Hospitality Day 2021 certi di apprendere nuovi strumenti di marketing e comunicazione. Se anche tu, come loro, pensi che sia fondamentale:

  1. to be updated on the world of hospitality
  2. to listen to the direct experience of virtuous colleagues and industry experts
  3. to network

Hospitality Day is the best opportunity you have to do it here in Italy

Is this an event for experts only?

Hospitality Day is together training event and matching area. In our program you will find presentations of new products, but also inspirational interventions and previews of future trends. Some interventions are designed for a more specific target of professionals, other interventions - equally useful and of high value - can be listen to by a wider and more diversified audience. Whatever your starting level, you will come home enriched and with new energies to put on the field.