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Digitising hospitality processes and services to save time and resources: voice of Claudia Ferrero

With several different experiences in chain and independent hotels, abroad and in Italy, covering various managerial roles, eleven years ago Claudia started working in technology applied to Hospitality.

Indeed, the pandemic has accelerated the need to digitise processes and services. Without the right skills, however, there is a risk of wasting time and resources.

That is why I decided to become a digital manager. A figure who is not a computer scientist but a manager who facilitates the business application of technology.

The its mission is in fact to progressively support the company in the difficult mission of making service processes digital and more efficient supporting their skills. How?

  1. Simplifying and automating processes
  2. Eliminating low value-added activities
  3. Collecting data to gain more insights
  4. Offering digital services
  5. Integrating as much as possible
  6. Creating a positive work culture

In practice the my goal is to manage this transition phase for implement technologies that they are:

  • efficient (for customers and service processes)
  • flexible (they adapt to continuous changes in the market)
  • durable (they must prepare you for whatever happens in the future)


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