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Paolo Cevoli among the speakers at Hospitality Day!

Paolo Cevoli, artist, comedian and actor, will also be present at Hospitality Day 2023.

Some of the most famous comic characters played by Paolo Cevoli include:

  • Palmiro Cangini, councillor 'alle varie ed eventuali', a confused and aphasic politician who tries to solve the problems of the municipality of Roncofritto.
  • Teddi Casadey, the tireless and innovative pig entrepreneur, owner of the eponymous 'Glorioso Maialificio Casadey', lider in the pig industry
  • Lothar the understudy, a union-paying entertainment 'worker' sent by phantom agencies to replace celebrities who were unable to attend the evening.

All characters that since 2001 have come to life on the stage of the TV show Zelig thanks to the imagination and charisma of an entrepreneur with a hobby of cabaret.

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