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This is the space where you will find the latest news on the event and updates on the program. Stay tuned!

At Hospitality Day the arena dedicated to Revenue and Technology

Do you want to know how to sell rooms and services, balance costs and revenues and acquire new customers?

Follow the arena seminars!

What will we talk about?
  • A medium and long-term strategic vision. The Balanced Scorecard method applied to hotels.
  • The contmanagement roll between administration and sales. Building a sales tariff from costs
  • The new frontiers of online distribution. Increase the visibility of your establishment to acquire new guests
  • Revenue Management and Behavioral Pricing. The importance of data and creativity for a successful strategy
  • Tourism in the city is evolving. Data Analysis and Dynamic Pricing Applied to Walking Tours
  • Sale over rooms. Automatic, simple, valuable: when strategy and technology make the difference
  • Budget and management control: friend or foe? The two sides of the same coin
  • Unimpeded reservations: mission impossible? Useful methods and tools
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