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Alessia Galimberti

Architetto e founder, Galimberti Studio

Alessia Galimberti

Architetto e founder, Galimberti Studio


Architect | Founder of the Galimberti Studio, and PhD in Projects and Urban Policies at Polytechnic of Milan, working as Urban Planning and Mobility consultant, at the institutional level. Her characteristic is creativity and functionality. Working for years of: Architectural, Design and Communication. She collaborates with leading companies in Design, Fashion and Food.

The Galimberti Studio has reached in over seventeen years a specific experience in Interior Design. The Studio works about: Design, Corporate Identity, Events & Communication.The Partnership between Galimberti Studio, Bizzarro & Partners Studio, CBD Studio and 3TI Progetti Asia borns with the objective to establish a creative path, through a multidisciplinary approach, providing a high integration of project activities.

I seminari con Alessia Galimberti

Lifestyle e la ristrutturazione alberghiera. 1 + 1 fa 3

11 Ott 2022
11:30 - 12:15
Café del Design