Inge Moore

Founder at MUZA Lab, LONDON


Inge Moore is the creator and founder of Muza. With an instinctive eye for beauty and visual harmony, and with tastes honed by global travel and informed by family values, Inge instinctively designs places which make people feel elegant and cherished. She likes to start her work with a story that draws on the history of each building and the natural world of its location, developing a construct to inspire the team and help shape the design down to every last detail. An interior designed by Inge is full of discovery, sensuality and fun. When the building is historic, she amplifies its soul; when the building is new, she creates its persona so completely that it might always have been there. Her work delights in hand-crafted, individually tailored and ingeniously re-interpreted elements.
Inge’s projects have won many awards and she herself was recognised as Gold Key Designer of the Year in 2013. Her vision for Muza sprang from a belief that the design process should be intimate, where insight, experience and creativity are shared to achieve outstanding interiors.

Dettagli del seminario

Dove, come e quando

The New Meaning of Contemporary Luxury

Sala del Castello¹

Luxury travel is no longer about opulence and Champagne – today it’s all about creating special personal experiences. Illustrated by the stunning projects she has designed around the world, Inge Moore will reveal how she creates spaces that inspire moments of magic to come to life. As an antidote to a 24/7 world, her thoughtful concepts encourage guests to dream, discover and connect with loved ones, resulting in meaningful and memorable experiences guests will cherish forever.

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