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This is the space where you will find the latest news on the event and updates on the program. Stay tuned!

We believed in it and everything went beyond expectations

If they had predicted, even just a year ago, that we would have organized an event without handshakes, we would never have believed it.

Yet there was much more: there were the eyes pursed by smiles under the masks, there was the joy of being able to meet live and the desire to be part of a proactive and productive community. Yesterday Hospitality Day, at the Palacongressi in Rimini, was more than an event. An important moment that would not have been possible without participants, companies and speakers who believed in it with us.

Being there made a difference and whoever was there was part of a restart. We have given a really strong signal to the Italian tourism sector: we want to work and we are able to do it safely.

We want to go back to doing what - some in one way, some in another - we do best: hospitality.

Now let's not stop and move on, because if in a time of crisis like this we have been able to bring so many people to Hospitality Day, it means that we have the strength to win this difficult battle too.

Thanks to everybody!

And if you weren't there, relive the best moments on Facebook and Instagram.

See you next year! ?

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