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Speakers 2023

Scroll down to discover experts and professionals you will hear from at Hospitality Day 2023.
You will learn something from each of them. The list is constantly updated.

Andrea Lanfri

Paralympic athlete and climber

Giorgio Caire di Lauzet


Cristina Vascellari

General Manager - Hotel Principe, Forte dei Marmi

Daniela Baldo

Partner | Chief Operating Officer - Studio Marco Piva

Lorenzo Ferrari

Founder & CEO - smarTalks, Treccani Lecturer, TEDx Speaker

Tito Spiro Papa

Accountant-Auditor-Consultant Maugeri Method® for Hotels-Trainer in Hotel Business Management Control

Franco Carmelo Lentini

Hospitality Business Development Manager - ENROSADIRA S.r.l.

Eva Fields

People CoEvolution Advisor, Newton S.p.A

Gabriele Maria Cucolo

General Manager - Video Pages

Gianni Buonsante

Visual Artist & CEO - Ingenia Direct

Stefano Ferri

Owner of Stefano Ferri communication & marketing | TEDx speaker | Civil rights advocate

Alex Gasperoni

Chartered Accountant - Chartered Accountants for Hoteliers

Alberto Lavorgna

Project Developer, Hotel & Restaurant Manager, Trainer and Hotel Consultant

Marco Baroni

A.D. and Founder - TITANKA!

Sofia Santinato

Learning content manager,

Carlo Meo

CEO, Marketing & Trade

Elisa Bacci

Sales Manager and marketing and communication manager,

Nicola Delvecchio

Consultant and trainer, Teamwork

Antonio Miano

Consultant and trainer, Teamwork

Martina Manescalchi

Consultant and trainer, Teamwork

Andrea D'Angelo

Consultant and trainer, Teamwork and co-founder, GoProfit

Cecilia Cianfanelli

Consultant and trainer, Teamwork

Maria Antonietta Pelliccioni

Consultant and trainer, Teamwork

Sebastiano Tramontano

Consultant and trainer, Teamwork

Andrea Agazzani

Consultant and trainer, Teamwork

Emanuele Nardin

Director, Hotelperformance

Emanuele Mansueti

Consultant, Hotelperformance

Lorenzo Cesarotto

Revenue Team Leader, Hotelperformance

Samantha Tita

Sales Manager, Hotelperformance
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