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Marco Colognese

Food writer, wine critic and author

Marco Colognese

Food writer, wine critic and author


Active in the food and wine industry for more than 25 years, he is a food writer, food and wine critic, author and territorial contact person for the Italy Restaurant Guide de L'Espresso, the Venezie a Tavola Guide, Gourmet Reporter and Regional Expert for Where to Eat Pizza. Thanks to his knowledge and experience in food and wine, he plays the role of scouting young chefs for Globetrotter Gourmet, is presenter and author for the format chefforEvents. Participates as a consultant and storyteller in the project, of which Globetrotter Gourmet is a partner, Travelling through stories of taste, an itinerary of video stories dedicated to professionals of the excellence of taste, i.e. women and men in whom passion and craft coincide, creating gastronomic treasures to be discovered, around Italy.

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Catering in the hotel

10 Oct 2023
15:00 - 15:30
ARENA RESTAURANT / matching area
Free ticket