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Andre Wiringa

Founder Chief Reverse Engineer and Star Reverse

Andre Wiringa

Founder Chief Reverse Engineer and Star Reverse


Chief Experience Officer & Strategic Consultant at Performance Solutions; a Dutch national and fluent English speaker with extensive international experience and over 20 years of experience in partnering with business leaders to create unique and memorable experiences.

Andre Wiringa, born in 1958, successfully accomplished his education at the Hotelschool The Hague and achieved his Master Degree in Hospitality Management (FIU, Miami).

André has worked in F&B, Rooms Division as well as Sales & Marketing for Holiday Inn Hotels, Marriott Hotels and Hilton International.

In June 1987, Wiringa founded Hospitality Marketing Partners. The company name was changed into Hospitality Solutions in 2004, as a pit stop on its way to finally become Performance Solutions.

Performance Solutions helps building a powerful context and in creating a lasting culture change. In essence the context is the company. The soul. The heart. The starting point. It all originates here. So this is where we begin.

“It is my passion to help people and organiza4ons make conscious choices. Everyone is responsible for his/her own development and performance. And for the experience that belongs to it. Development is a journey. You choose your travel mates, your destination, you choose your time of arrival. That’s planning. Determine first what view you will enjoy later.”

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