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Alessandro Luciani

Designer and founder, Alessandro Luciani Designer

Alessandro Luciani

Designer and founder, Alessandro Luciani Designer


He is one of the most eclectic Italian and international designers specialized in the world of Retail. Speaking of himself, he defines himself as a "designer of human experiences" and in fact his roots and his personal history, which influenced his design approach, play a fundamental role in the choices of his professional career. Fueled by a strong desire to go beyond the boundaries of the ordinary, he brings to his projects an innovative, anthropocentric vision, oriented towards sensory involvement and the creation of new experiences, contributing to individual well-being, generating a strong emotional bond between the environment, the product, customer and brand.

Nei suoi progetti si evidenzia la volontà e la capacità di andare oltre l’essenziale, con più energia, più colore, con tutta la creatività, la cura di ogni singolo dettaglio, gusto ed eleganza e la competenza del fare bene, portando una ventata di aria nuova al mondo del design.

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Retail e hospitality

11 Oct 2022
16:00 - 16:45
Café del Design