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The countdown to Hospitality Day 2019 has begun!

Just under 6 months at the must-see event for the world of hospitality.
Hospitality Day returns to Rimini on October 8th, with lots of news!
One above all: Masterclass seminars.

What is the Masterclass?
A special paying room where you can attend 7 special speeches on the hottest topics of the moment.
Innovation, digital and marketing among the topics that will be studied in depth by exceptional speakers, here is who you can meet in the Masterclass seminars:

  • Cindy Heo, Associate Professor of Revenue Management dell’Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne,
  • Michil Costa, Mentor Hotel La Perla (BZ), Berghotel Ladinia (BZ) e Albergo Posta Marcucci,
  • Andre Wiringa, CXO Solutions Unlimited, Customer Experience Engineer, autore di Reverse,
  • Cathy Ann Enz, Associate Dean For Academic Affairs, Cornell University,
  • Laura Ries, Branding Guru, Best-Selling Author, Television Personality,
  • Edoardo Cognonato, Consultant and trainer Teamwork,
  • Armando Travaglini, Consultant & trainer Digital Marketing Turistico.

By purchasing the Masterclass seminars you will have the seat guaranteed in the training room, free access to all the other seminars of the day "free entry" and the incredible opportunity to meet and get to know more than 160 partner companies, which represent the best of the sector, at your complete disposal. Without forgetting the welcome bag, a faithful companion during the journey of Hospitality Day!

Being inspired and rub off on new ideas, sharing your point of view, forming on the most popular topics in the hospitality world, this is the spirit of Hospitality Day. Not only training and networking, Hospitality Day is much more!

It is the event of people, experiences, case studies, testimonies. It is the place where not only do you want to provide new ideas and work methods, but above all you want to share, stimulate and excite.

Emotions that will not be missed during unique moments such as the awards. Yes, you understood correctly:

The awards

This year in fact it will be possible to get in the game both to win the Hospitality Social Award, for the real magicians of social networks, and to win the brand new Breakfast Award, the prize designed for the excellence of breakfast at the hotel.

Info and FREE participation:

Hospitality Social Awards


for information and registration: info@hospitalitysocialawards.it

Breakfast Awards



Hospitality Day 2019 will be truly unmissable!

Discover the Masterclass, the awards and all the moments to live together on 8 October in Rimini.

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