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Agenda 2023

You will listen to italians and foreigners hospitality expertsenlightened entrepreneurs and extraordinary people with unique experiences to tell. They will know you involve, encourage and stimulate. But first of all, they will excite you.

The programme is online and it is the best ever!

Download the digital programme, it is up-to-date and final. Printed copies will be delivered at the event.

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3 managers, 294 stories, 34,000 hotels

Grand Hotel, the first encyclopaedia of the Italian hotel world. Moderator: Martina Manescalchi, Teamwork

4 steps for sustainable hotel positioning

A comparison between hoteliers who have chosen to differentiate themselves.

Italians also prefer it salty

Breakfast in the hotel that meets the needs of guests.

Cyclists welcome!

From 0 to 100 with the new Wellness Marketing.

Content creators and hotels

What the storytelling of an experience by a content creator should be like. Interview Orazio Spoto, consultant, trainer and advisor

From data complexity to strategic information

How to use data from different platforms to measure business performance.

Disintermediation is boomer. It's time to decentralise!

The risks of hypercentralisation in tourism and the technological means to combat it.

Google, Revenue, Social Strategy, Hotel Website, Brand Reputation and OTAs

The question can have setbacks: in adverse conditions, is your hotel dynamic?

Secrets of success in the management of a 5-star hotel

How the role of the hotel manager has changed.

Short-term rental management

Strategies, organisation and operations: the keys to success in Property Management.

The housekeeping department for hoteliers

What is important to know to make the floor service work at its best.

Revenue on windsurfing

Use the winds to your advantage and ride the wave of success in hospitality.